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Okay I’m just going through the Bomb The Music Industry tag and bumming out at this point so that’s the sign that I need to go to bed see you kids tomorrow

tbh I’m also wondering why that person told TWIABP to start with The Battle of Hampton Roads? Like, that song is amazing but that’s like saying someone “you want to run your first race? run this marathon. also play a bagpipe solo halfway through”

Anonymous said: I didn't really like The Monitor on the first listen either, but then later in 2011 I listened to it again focusing on the lyrics and really got into it. The whole "Civil War concept album" part seems ridiculous and pretentious on first mention but they actually pulled it off and made it work.



that makes me give even less of a shit. 
- derrick

did james webster send this ask


Anonymous said: its cute how smart you think you are but do you think anyone takes you seriously?

I don’t even take me seriously

Blogging is hard. Would it be cool with everybody if I just coast for the rest of the night or do I need to keep churning out popular posts?

I’ve been laughing to myself for like 5 minutes about the idea of the person who lives in the American Football house coming outside with a shotgun and being like “you darn kids stay off my lawn” and a bunch of kids in flannel and thick rimmed glasses go skittering away in all directions

I have seen so many sad snapchats that say something along the lines of “at least we are under the same sky” and I’m wondering how many notes I could get if I were to quote Grammy Winning, Academy Award Nominated song “Somewhere Out There” from the soundtrack for An American Tail?

I haven’t updated my discogs in like half a year so I’m gonna stay up all night doing that